History 1301 Paper

irecton1301Primary and Secondary Source AssignmentIn order to complete this assignment you must read the following:1)J.H. Hammond’s Instructions to His Overseer2)Lizzie Williams Looks Back on the Days of Slavery3)Eugene D. Genovese,Paternalism and Class Relations in the Old SouthWhen you have finished your reading, pleaseanswer the following questions in paragraph form. The answerto each question should be written separately (not as a unified paper) andTHE ANSWER TO EACH QUESTIONMUST BE A MINIMUM OF 1 FULL PAGE TYPED WITH A 12pt TIMES NEW ROMAN FONTOR 11pt CALIBRIFONTDOUBLE SPACED USING STANDARD MARGINS.DO NOTwrite as a unified paper, but submit the assignment as a single document. Each question should starton a new page. You will not be allowed in class if this assignment is not completed.1.Briefly describe the contents ofa.J. H. Hammond’s Instructions to His Overseerb.Lizzie Williams Looks Back on the Days of Slavery2.Using the secondary sourcePaternalism and Class Relations in the Old Southand your textbook, brieflyexplain the background in which the primary sources were written.3.Pretend that you are a foreign traveler in the American South in the mid-1800s. You have visitedseveral plantations and farms and spoken to landowners, overseers, and slaves. Write a letter to oneof your relatives back home and describe what life is like in the South of the United States. Rememberthat in order to do this, you must include information from the three sources and your textbook. Makesure that all your information is historically accurate!YOU NEED TO SUBMIT THIS ASSIGNMENT INTO THE APPROPRIATEDROPBOX BEFORETHEDAYAND TIMETHAT IT’S DUE.YOUR ASSIGNMENT NEEDS TO HAVE A SIMILARITY RATING OF 15% OR LOWER. IF IT IS OVER15%AND IT IS NOT DUE TO QUOTATIONS FROM THE READINGS OR TEXTBOOK, I WILL NOTGRADE IT