History 250 assignment

The writing assignment will be due next Monday, 3/25. Focus especially on .pdf pages 5-21. These are medieval accounts of Pope Urban’s speech calling for Crusade and the accounts of Jewish martyrs at the hands of the crusaders.  In a 1.5 to 2 page paper, respond to the following question:  “How does Pope Urban try to inspire his audience to go on Crusade? What kinds of arguments does he use? Do you think this rhetoric is responsible for the violence against Jews which is described in Solomon Bar Samuel’s Chronicle? ”

30% Thesis- A thesis must be clear, stating your position and what you will be arguing. The thesis must come at the beginning of the essay so that your reader knows what to expect.

30% Use of Evidence- Your paper must include a minimum of FOUR specific examples from the reading that support your argument. You can either quote or paraphrase from the text, but if the latter, you must be specific enough that I know exactly which part of the text you are referring to. Your examples must also be relevant, with a clear connection to your thesis and analysis.

30% Analysis- You must have a clear thesis and support that with evidence from the text, but you must also tell me WHY and / or HOW the evidence helps demonstrate your point.

10% Organization- Is your essay divided into paragraphs with proper punctuation.