History 7 essay

This a five paragraph essay question. Make sure to form good strong paragraphs, a well-argued thesis, well written topic sentences that explain where the essay is going, and a strong concluding paragraph  that sums up the essay. You will need to provide 6 specific pieces of evidence in your essay. PLEASE UNDERLINE YOUR THESIS!


1. Do the Constitutional compromises over slavery seem balanced—that is, were the interests of both regions reasonably protected?

2.  In what ways did America’s development of a democratic culture influence its 

institutions and spirit of reform? 

3.  How did developments in technology, agriculture and commerce spur numerous and wide- ranging changes in U.S. social, economic, and political patterns in the early republic? 

4. In what ways were U.S. foreign and domestic policies influenced by the desire for trade, expansion, and isolationism?