History Assignment 2

HTY/SSC 110HM Assignment 2 The assignment for this module contains two parts. Carefully read the instructions and place your responses to both parts on one Word document. 1. Click the Pearson Materials link under Course Home, and then, click on “An Early European Image of Native Americans Columbian Exchange.”  Examine the image and listen carefully to the audio explanation.  Answer the Critical Thinking question at the end of the presentation. 2. Use simple Internet research to find Native American places, names, words, and names of sports teams in use in America today: a. Names of states b. Names of cities c. Names on the physical U.S. map (rivers, lakes, mountains, etc.) d. Names of cars and trucks e. Names of sports teams  Why might some Native Americans object to the use of their tribe as the name of a sports team? 


Here is the Link: https://media.pearsoncmg.com/ph/hss/SSA_SHARED_MEDIA_1/history/MHL/US/closer_looks/ushistory_01/web/ushistory_01.html