history quiz

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Frederick W. Taylor developed the concept of scientific management, which dealt with



1. food and drug safety.



2. standardization of factory tasks to achieve efficiency in business.



3. efficiency in the educational system.


Municipal housekeeping is a term that describes



1.the implementation of sanitation departments across America during the Progressive era.



2. Progressive women’s reform efforts as an extension of their household roles.


 3.city government efforts to clean up industrial waste throughout the cities.


Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to make effective use of the



1.Hepburn Act.



2.Sherman Antitrust Act.





Which act established a commission that had the task of investigating unfair business practices and stopping them if necessary?






1. Federal Trade Commission Act






2.Keating-Owen Act



3.Bureau of Corporations Act


The strained relations between Queen Lili’uokalani and American businessmen came to a head in 1893, when



1.the queen ordered all Americans to leave the islands.


 2.American rebels seized the queen, declared a provisional government, and petitioned for 3.annexation by the United States.


The move by America to build a canal through Central America






1. included an American-backed revolution by the Panamanians against Colombia.



2. lasted for almost 40 years before anything was actually accomplished.


 3.was, in large part, orchestrated by William McKinley before his assassination.



In order for Theodore Roosevelt to be able to volunteer for military service in Cuba he had to



`.accept the lowly rank of a private.



2.resign his naval post.



3. bribe recruitment officers to ignore his poor eyesight and other ailments.



Which statement is not true of The election of 1900?



1.strident anti-imperialist political ideology would be appealing to American voters.






2. Bryan was finished as a presidential candidate.



3. a good economy takes all interest away from the usual campaign issues.


Alfred Thayer Mahan argued that the United States would never sustain itself as a world power without


1. a modern standing army.

2. a dedicated fund for defense.

3. maintaining its position in the world as a republic that refused to colonize others.

3 large modern navy and overseas supply bases.


Once the U.S. entered World War I, how did the government address its wartime participation on the homefront?



1. It rallied the public by planting articles about German atrocities in newspapers nationwide.



It sought to unify new immigrants via the 100 Percent American campaign.   


All of these choices.


None of these choices.      

The “spark” that set World War I into motion was  

1. the assassination of the Austrian Archduke, Franz Ferdinand, by a Serb nationalist.    

2.Russian protection of Serbs who were trying to force the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  

3.Germany’s invasion of France in 1914.