How do you typically spend Saturday nights?

MKT 411 University of Phoenix Week 3 Market Research Discussion
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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

In Ch. 10 of The Market Research Toolbox, the author suggests avoiding loaded questions when designing a questionnaire. What exactly are “loaded” questions, and why should they be avoided? Share two examples of loaded questions. For each, also share an equivalent neutral version that would work better in a questionnaire.

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1. Hi Class,

According to McQuarrie (2015) a loaded question contain “angel” or “devil” words. This means that loaded questions imply that the consumer responding already agrees or disagrees with something for example: What do you love about Netflix? This question implies that the consumer likes watching Netflix. The question did not give the consumer the opportunity to respond if they like watching Netflix at all. A better question would be, which streaming service do you prefer? Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, or non-of the above. That will provide more information on who prefers Netflix over the other streaming services. The next question would be, of the streaming service you prefer what do you like about it? Provide a few examples of why people chose these services or even add a box for the customer to add their own personal response.

Another example of a loaded question would be: Have you stopped using alcohol when you are stressed? This is implying that the responded has used alcohol in the past to help them deal with stress. What if the respondent has never used alcohol to deal with stress? They do not have a choice but to answer in a way that they are not truly represented. A better question would be: Of the options below, what stress coping method have you used in the past? Doing some kind of physical activity, smoking, drinking alcohol, reading. This questions will help you understand of the volume of people questioned, how many actually use alcohol to cope with stress.

Loaded questions should be avoided because they can lead you to collect data that is not really a true representation of the group of people surveyed, which can lead you to make the wrong business decision.


2. Loaded question in terms of questionnaire is a question that triggers the person answering. The way terms are described in a questionnaire can elicit a biased answer if the respondent is emotionally triggered by the terminology used in describing facts or people. Additionally, a loaded question can be one asked based on a presumption of information causing the responder to feel a certain way if they do not participate or maybe have knowledge of a situation. We want to remain as neutral as possible when designing a questionnaire so we can get the most honest answer possible.

An example of a loaded question is, “Should parents concerned with the health of their children vaccinate their kids anyway?” This type of question may imply that parent that vaccinate their children are not concerned with their health. A question like this could cause the person taking the survey to exit the survey all together. The same question can be asked as, “Do you think vaccinations should be required for children entering school?”

Another example of a loaded could be, ” Which club do you typically go to on a Saturday night?” This assumes the participant goes to clubs and could be corrected by asking, “How do you typically spend Saturday nights?”