How was Africa impacted/influenced by the Spread of Islam throughout Africa?

Research Paper: How was Africa impacted by the spread of islam in Africa from 6 A.D. to 1600’s. 


The Research Paper will relate to the subject of your choosing and will contain an original thesis based on careful consideration of reliable sources. Using the PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SOURCES identified in your research paper proposal, your paper should include the following components:

Part 1: (2-3 pages) Introduce your subject and your argument about the construction of these primary source documents; Examine and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the sources you have selected Provide context/background for the sources you are discussing.

Part 2: (2-3 pages) Using evidence within the primary source documents, support the argument presented in your introduction. Here you should look for various levels of connectivity between the sources. Where do they overlap? Where do they contrast? What do the similarities and differences in the documents tell us about changes over time in African society that arise in response to internal or external influences?   

Guidelines for Completing Assignments

←  Title Page: Come up with an illustrative and engaging title for your paper. Include your name and class information (Course Number, Instructor’s Name, Semester, Date) on the cover page.

←  Thesis Statement: In clear and simple language, state your major argument(s) and highlight, briefly, the evidence and supporting examples you will employ in the body of the paper.

←  Organization: Your paper should flow in a logical and coherent manner. Each new point (supporting argument) should be introduced in a new paragraph, with clear examples to support your point.

←  Sources and citation: You should use and cite specific examples and quotations from the texts to support your arguments. Use the Chicago Manual of Style citation footnotes for your citations.  

←  Clarity and Creativity: Make sure you carefully proof your paper. Check punctuations, use simple and clear diction, and examine your essay for spelling, grammatical or typographical errors.

Common Style:

Typewritten, double-spaced

12 point font, Times New Roman

Length: 8-12 typed pages, one inch margins

Documentation:  Chicago Manual of Style