How would you use leader-member exchange theory to address communication between hospital representatives and the media?

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The purpose of this assignment is to analyze an emergency event while applying the situational approach, path-goal theory, and leader- member exchange theory.


There is a report of an active threat within the local hospital. The suspect is considered active and moving throughout the hallways of the building. Shots have recently been fired within the past 30 seconds. There are two confirmed dead, and there are three who are currently wounded since the shooting has taken place. One of the nursing personnel runs into the security office and states that there is man on one of the floors, walking room-to-room, and opening fire on bedridden patients and visitors.

Milestone 1 Questions

1. Given the circumstances of the event, how would you apply the situational approach to address the active threat’s location, identify how the active threat may be posing a threat to others, and identify if there are other active threats within the building?

2. How would you remain flexible in a situation that is fluid and continually changing such as an active threat/shooter?


It has been confirmed that there are now three active threats on the floor/unit of the hospital. They are moving simultaneously from room-to- room and impacting patient care. Police, EMS, and local fire departments have now been notified. There are confirmations of 10 or more dead and 15 injured patients and visitors. The hospital is now on lockdown, and no one is able to enter or leave the facility. Law enforcement SWAT members have arrived on scene and have been briefed regarding the situation.

Milestone 2 Questions

1. Given the circumstances of the event, how could you utilize path-goal theory to increase the efficiency toward mitigating the event?

2. How could leadership get team members (subordinates), SWAT, and other law enforcement agencies involved by using path-goal theory to mitigate the threat at this point?


The number of dead and injured on the hospital floor remain the same. The active threats have heard SWAT, PD, FD, and other officials have arrived on the scene. The police have entered the floor and engaged one of the active threats who has now fallen due to gunshot wounds from police. The second active threat has surrendered to police unconditionally in one of the hospital rooms. The third active threat has taken approximately nine hostages and has barricaded himself along with the hostages within the nursing unit breakroom area. He is threatening to cause “great harm” to the hostages if he does not receive proper medical attention for his ailing mother

Milestone 3 Questions

1. After reading about the milestones that have occurred thus far, how would you integrate leader-member exchange theory to establish and maintain effective working relationships with team members?

2. How would you use leader-member exchange theory to address communication between hospital representatives and the media?