Human and Sex Trafficking

FAU Human and Sex Trafficking in South America Cases Research Paper

Florida Atlantic University

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Student will have the opportunity to study South America and cases, which illustrate the suffering of the survivors and their families, and the sophistication of the business structure from the underlings to those making fortunes in today’s slave trade that involves government, investors and police as well as criminal networks. For this paper, you must choose a specific typeof human trafficking (Sex Trafficking) AND choose a country or region (South America) and describe it in detail – e.g., who the victims are, how they are recruited and controlled, who the perpetrators are, and what is being done to combat the problem. This paper should include at least 2 academic sources excluding the textbook and be at least 3 full pages in length, excluding the reference page. Your professional sources may include books, professional/peer reviewed journal articles, and website material from recognizedacademic or professional organizations (i.e., Wikipedia and blogs are not acceptable sources)