I need someone went to the huntington library before

Write about huntington library


Step 1

 Spend a good amount of time with each piece within the exhibition and try to get a sense

of overall themes. Also, ask yourself what the curators were trying to accomplish by

ordering or arranging the paintings in the fashion that they did. Once you have a more

broad apprehension of the show, go back to specific works that stood out to you. Take

detailed notes on these pieces as they will mostly be the subjects you refer to in your



Step 2

Get some information on the gallery. Usually, art galleries or museums carry a certain

type of work. More conceptual galleries usually organize exhibitions around certain

important issues often topical or contemporary ones. Other galleries or museums that

specialize in certain mediums generally are more interested in specific technical features

of the work. Of course, much of this can be inferred from the exhibit itself. If it is a

smaller gallery or museum, consider including some of this information in your final



Step 3

Review the attached article on how to write an art review, choose an exhibit and submit


your review a two to three page paper 


The Hutington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens


Geographies of Wonder

May 14 – Sept 03, 2016

Library West Hall

Geographies of Wonder: Origin Stories of America’s Na

tional Parks, 1872-1933


In a wide-ranging examination of the evolving role of the national parks in American life,

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens will commemorate the

centennial of the U.S. National Parks Service in exhibitions that run consecutively from

May 2016 through February 2017 in the West Hall of the Library building. The

exhibitions will touch on a variety of roles the National Parks have played over time as

scenic wonderlands that have become iconic markers and essential destination points for

tourists, adventure-seekers, scientists, government surveyors, businessmen, and explorers

of all stripes. The exhibitions also will examine the tensions that emerged as a result of

diverging priorities and competing agendas.