Identify one potential episodic condition about an organ system

Identify one potential episodic condition about an organ system

1.Identify one potential episodic condition about an organ system that you have not yet examined in HLTH 3631 that arises from the story of the multigenerational family living in Richmond, BC. You are free to choose any member from the multigenerational family unit to be your client for this project
2. Identify a complementary therapy that you might bring to your client?s attention. This complementary therapy might enhance the healing or well-being of your client who has the previously identified episodic health condition.
3.Review information about your selected organ system by referring to your course texts: Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing and Pharmacology and the Nursing Process in Canada.
4.Access suitable resources to get more in-depth information about your selected episodic condition and the proposed complementary therapy. Look for resources that will provide you with the current information that you will need to help you with your clinical decision-making through all the steps of the nursing process (assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation). Also, keep in mind the CRNBC expectations of your accountabilities regarding the use of complementary therapies in your practice. Refer to the CRNBC Practice Standard Complementary and Alternative Health Care for more details.

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What needs to be done?
What you need to do?
Consider your case story and the clinical decisions involved regarding your client?s episodic health challenge and whether you would bring a complementary therapy to the client?s attention. Write a formal essay eight pages in length, excluding the title page and references, which includes the following:
1. Provide the expanded case story that reflects the specifics about the episodic health challenge that you selected, including the influence of these health challenges on the various family members and the family as a unit. Include a brief description of the practice situation, as well as an assessment of your client and his/her episodic health challenge.
2. Describe the clinical decision-making process steps in relation to applying the CAEN or CRNBC decision-making model. Include in the description of the clinical decision-making processes the particular context for the client and the family (micro, meso and macro) that influenced or contributed to your clinical decision-making.
3. Provide a list of two priority clinical decisions for the episodic health challenge that you need to make. The clinical decisions should apply to any two of the assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and the evaluation phases of the nursing process. That is, limit your clinical decisions to three of the five steps of the nursing process. (4 marks, 2 marks for each priority decision that falls under three steps of the nursing process)
4. Consider the clinical decisions you have identified. Describe at least three different kinds of relevant evidence you would use to make these decision(s) about the treatment of the episodic health challenge. Explain how the evidence you used supports your clinical decisions.
5. Decide whether you would make your client aware of the use of the selected complementary therapy and identify at least two different sources of relevant evidence that you used to substantiate your decision. Explain how the evidence you used supports or does not support the safe use of a selected complementary therapy in light of best client outcomes.
6. Provide a concept map that reflects your clinical decision-making for the selected family member.
7. Reflect on the overall learning process. Did any biases or assumptions influence your preparation of this assignment? What ways of knowing (empirical, ethical, personal, esthetic) influenced your thinking?
8. Formal essay format is required, including a title page, introduction, body, conclusion, and all references listed using APA citation style.(refer to the TRU Nursing Student Handbook for requirements for scholarly papers)


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