Integumentary System

Florida International University the Digestive System Brochure Paper
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Question Description
For this assignment you will be creating brochure that highlight a body system that was covered within this course. You will be creating/designing ONE brochure. This assignment must me type on a Microsoft word document.

You need to choose ONE system (below) that you want to make brochure for. Students are not required to seek approval!

The options are:

Integumentary System
Bone Tissues and the Skeletal System
Muscular System
Central Nervous System
Peripheral Nervous System and Reflex Activity
Autonomic Nervous System
Endocrine System
The Heart (Cardiovascular System)
Vascular System
Lymphatic System and Immunity
Respiratory System
Urinary System
Digestive System
Reproductive System (Male or Female)
Within your Brochure you will identify:

The Body System
The jobs the system performs and why it is important
The main parts/organs in the system
The job of each main organ/part
The diseases or conditions that could affect the system
You will include:

A visual/picture of system on the cover of your brochure.
A diagram (drawn out in important to the brochure or a or an image).
A reference section with a minimum of TWO references in APA format (one can be the textbook and the other source can be your choice- except Wikipedia).
Depending on which system that you choose, you need to include important information about your body system, for example:

The Musculoskeletal System- Compare joints in the body with structures used in machines (hinge, ball and socket, sliders, levers).
The Heart (Cardiovascular) System – Explain the mechanics of blood pressure and heart valves.
The Human Reproduction System (Male) – Explain the production of sperm and the process of fertilization.
The Human Reproduction System (Female) – Explain how ovaries generate eggs and the functions of the umbilicus and placenta.
Optional Layout and Design for both sides:

Diseases/ Conditions

List and describe the diseases with a brief description of the symptoms and effects on the body. A min. of Two (2) Diseases/ Conditions should be listed and described.
Back of Brochure:

References (min. TWO) used for any facts and/or statistics referenced. References must be in APA format.
Title Page:

System Name
Student Names (First and Last) and Panther ID Number
ONE Visual/picture of system
Left Inside

Detailed description about the system and its function within the body.
Describe in detail why it is the most important system and why.
Middle Inside

Diagram or Picture identifying the different labeled parts. Required; Min. of ONE (1) diagram or picture.
Right Inside

The job (function) of each main part labeled on the diagram/picture. Required; A min. of five (5).
* There is a format already done for you on Word if you go to “Business forms” and then “Brochures.” Make your brochure stand out with color and design, but make sure you include all of the content.*

Think about the following criteria while creating your Brochure:

Accuracy of Content- this means all of your information is factual. You have clearly described and defended what your system does and how this makes it the most important.

Attractiveness and Organization- Does it look like quality work (or like you threw it together in 10 minutes)? Is it colorful and straight forward in describing the system? Is the brochure professional looking?

Graphics and Pictures- You need to include a diagram, which shows all of the organs within your body system. The organs should be in color and either labeled on that page, or described on the side.

References: As a professional brochure, you need to tell the world where your factual information AND pictures were taken from. You can use the handout, or go on the website for formatting information. The way you present your sources should be in the correct order and alphabetical.

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Pericarditis the heart is contained in the pericardium