Investing in autonomous construction vehicles Vs. normal construction trucks.

My topic is about Investing in autonomous construction vehicles Vs. normal construction trucks (that are used/operated by people in them). My part is to do the Investigative methods about the normal construction vehicles and I thought that the best thing is to write the pros and cons of normal vehicles. Include referenses from websites and try making it look analystic by showing tables and graphs. A good example would be the average annual income for construction truck drives. You can talk about the seasonal layoffs where how people stop working in extrem weathers like extrem cold or extrem hot weather (with data shown), average time workers take to rest/eat and how it delays the work (also vacations excused or unexcused), accidents and death rates and others. Minimum of two pages are required with tables, references and analystic data.

I also included some examples that we had so you can take a look at them and how are they formated.

Please read carrfully and let me know when ever you needed to know something.