Life Cycle Analysis

ID214 Resources and Materials for Interior Design

Assignment 1 – Life Cycle Analysis

The tools required for this exercise are: This assignment instruction sheet, online access and access to a library collection (optional).

This is a research assignment. It requires you research the LIFE CYCLE of a randomly selected interior finish material. Based on your research findings, your challenge will be to answer the following broad question:

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“From both an immediate and a long-term point of view, would you consider this material to be beneficial to the end user?”

Once your item has been selected, begin your online research. Use the following research objectives or questions to formulate your response to the research:

1. How and where is the material manufactured? What is the material made from? Where do the “ingredients” for this material come from?

2. Once it has been manufactured, how is the material distributed? Is it bundled in quantity or wrapped and shipped individually?

3. What additional materials, if any, are needed to apply or install this material so it can be used in the interior environment?

4. What happens to the material when it is no longer wanted or becomes unusable? How and where is it disposed of?

Once you’ve completed your research, prepare a Power Point presentation to share your research findings and your answers to the questions above. Your answers to the questions will not be considered right or wrong…they will simply be YOUR opinion… based upon what you have learned through research. The content of your Power Point may include any combination of graphics, text, hand or CAD generated drawings or photographs you feel are needed to best explain your research findings. Be sure to cite your sources and include a cover slide providing your name, the name and course number of the class, and a presentation title (the general category of your material…i.e; carpeting, stone, tile, etc.).

After presenting your general findings to the class, you will submit this assignment to Blackboard by the end of class on the following date:

Due: _____________________________________________________________


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