Life on Earth and Air Quality

Biology 184-00 Life on Earth and Air Quality – Fall 2019

Videos, DVD’s or websites to watch for extra 4th hour credit – or Activities

10 papers needed BEFORE FINAL CLASS!

write 1- 2 paragraphs on main subject of video and critiques of the videos, or summarize a lecture you attended or – for other activities, write up what you did

I. Videos/DVD in Trexler Library

Name and Subject

1) Keeping the Earth – Union of Concerned Scientists and Religious Coalition on the Environment*

2) Dimming the Sun –WGBH – climate change

3) Aldo Leopold: A Prophet for All Seasons

4) Are You Swimming in a Sewer – damage to the ocean

5) ) Arctic Quest – Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

6) Can Polar Bears Tread Water – global warming

7) Can Tropical Rainforests Be Saved?

8) Chernobyl: the Taste of Wormwood – nuclear plant accident

9) Hot Enough for You? Global warming – WGBH Boston

10) Jungle Pharmacy – natural compounds as sources of medicines

11) Life in the Trees – evolution of primates

12) In our Children’s Food – pesticides

13) Microcosmos – insects

14) Mystery of the Animal Pathfinders – migrations

15) Pointless Pollution – water

16) Saving the West: Protecting Open Space

17) Secrets of the Wild Panda

18) The Shaman’s Apprentice – document historical use of healing herbs

19) Subdividing the West: Implications for Population Growth

20) Blue Planet – 4 volumes 1 ocean, frozen sections 2 open and deep ocean

3 seasonal and coral seas 4 tidals seas, coasts

21 Year of the Wildebeest – migration and predators

22) Secrets of the Ocean Realm – 5 parts

1) Cathedral in Sea, survival 2) Venom, creatures of darkness 3) Great whales, sharks

4) City in the Sea 5) Mountains in the Sea

23) City of Coral – coral reef – Nova

24) Planet Earth – 5 volumes : 1) mountains, freshwater 2) caves, deserts, frozen places

3) Plains, forests, jungles 4) shallow seas, wide, deep ocean 5) future predictions

25) National Geographic Strange Days on Planet Earth – 2 discs

26) An Inconvenient Truth – global warming

27) Priceless$ agriculture and energy

28) Silkwood – fight against plutonium contamination

29) Toxic Trespass – toxins in humans

30) Galapagos: Islands that changes the world

31) Down the Shore – WHYY, Philadelphia – waste dumping in ocean

Videos, DVD’s or websites to watch for extra 4th hour credit (cont.)


II. Nature – watch full length videos on Web –

Video Title

My Congo

Super Humming Birds

India’s Wandering Lions

Animal Reunions

Moose: Life of a Twig Eater

Soul of the Elephant

The Sagebrush Sea

Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-La

Animal Homes

The Last Orangutan of Eden

Invasion of the Killer Whales

A Sloth Named Velcro

The Mystery of Eels – where do they reproduce?

What Plants Talk About

Giant Zebra Exodus – migrations

Private Life of Deer – white tailed deer

Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem

Leave it to the Beavers

Snow monkeys

My bionic pet

Ireland’s Wild River

Meet the Coywolf

Touching the Wild

Parrot Confidential

Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo

Spy in the wild (4 episodes)

Snow chick

Jungle animal hospital

My Congo

Snowbound: Animals of Winter

??Find others that you can watch for free

III Nova full length videos on Web-free I hope

Secrets of Noah’’s Ark

Mount St. Helen’s

Return to Mt St Helen’s

Lethal Seas

Becoming Human

Secrets Beneath the Ice

Inside Animal Minds

Evolution – What about God?

Bigger than T. Rex

Tales from the Hive

Origins: Earth is born

The Impossible Flight – the solar airplane

The Last Great Ape

The Miracle of Life

Dimming the Sun

IV Selected National Geographic videos

Subject – the Environment

V “Blog” on important and interesting invertebrates

VI. Frontline – BP oil spill


Conservation in Mozambique

VIII Observing chipmunks and squirrels on campus, see post on Canvas

IX. . Other activities for 4th Hour Credit- check with professor

Various other videos or certain lectures on campus

Various activities on or off campus, including community garden, environmentally oriented activities near your home

X You tube

Wolves responsible for changes in Yellowstone National Park

How wolves change rivers