Management InformationObtain a copy of a recent annual report of a publicly held organizat

Management Information

Obtain a copy of a recent annual report of a publicly held organization in which you have a particular interest. (Copies of annual reports are available at your campus library, at a local public library, on the Internet, or by direct request to an organization.) Assume that you have just been appointed to a middle-management position in a division of the organization you have chosen. You are interested in obtaining information that will help you better manage the activities of your division, and you have decided to study the contents of the annual report in an attempt to learn as much as possible.

You particularly want to know about the following.

(1) size of inventory maintained.

(2) ability to earn income.

(3) reliance on debt financing.

(4) types, volume, and prices of products or services sold.

(5) type of production process used.

(6) management’s long-range strategies.

(7) success (profitability) of the division’s various product lines

(8) efficiency of operations; and (9) operating details of your division.

1. Write a brief description of the organization and its products or services and activities.

2. Based on a review of the financial statements and the accompanying disclosure notes, prepare a written summary of information pertaining to items 1 through 9 above.

3. Can you find any of the information in which you are interested in other sections of the annual report? If so, which information, and in which sections of the report is it?

4. The annual report also includes other types of information that you may find helpful in your new position. In outline form, summarize this additional information.