Mass Incarceration Race Inequality And Health Impacts On Well Being

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So, here is what I want you to address here: I want you to think of 5 short-term and/or long-term consequences of mass incarceration. For this one question, if you do not yet have your text, you can use your own knowledge, search the web, whatever you like as long as these are realistic examples and your source is correctly cited. There are literally dozens of articles and websites (Googlescholar, .org or .gov) covering this issue.

All posts must include copy/pasted questions, in-text citations~ including page numbers~ references, and only 2 sentences of quoted material is permitted.

A thorough response is required. It is not possible to “over-answer” a question but is easy to “under-answer” one. I will grade according to content, quality, grammar, spelling, accuracy of answer to the questions based on the reading and not opinion, correct citations, and thoroughness of each post throughout this semester.

Correct citation formatting:

In-text citations:

“Sociological jurisprudence is the view that part of law should be devoted to making or shaping public policy and social rules. It is the view that law should be responsive to the changing conditions of our society (Hartley et al., 2018, p. 14).”


Hartley, R. D., Rabe, G. A., and Champion, D. J. (2018). Criminal courts: Structure, process, and issues. New York, NY: Pearson.

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