Medical Care Evaluation of Hypothesis Testing Steps

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PUB 550 GCU Medical Care Evaluation of Hypothesis Testing Steps Q&A Discussion
PUB 550

Grand Canyon University


Question Description
The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate the steps of hypothesis testing.

Hypothesis testing is a central component in understanding and interpreting public health research. Research questions are applied through a testable hypothesis established before the data is collected. It provides the rationale for the study and guides the researcher in what tests to use and how to interpret the results.

Identify a peer-reviewed article from one of the data sources available on the “Data Resource Document.” You will need to visit the various websites listed on the document to search for a research article that is of interest to you. Include the link to the selected article in a 750-1,000 word summary that address the following as it relates to the article.

What test statistic did the researchers use? What did the authors set as the significance level of the test statistic?
What was the null hypothesis? What was the alternative hypothesis? Were these clearly stated in the article, or did you have to extrapolate based on the background in the article?
Discuss potential bias that may have resulted from the study design and data collection that could have affected the validity of the test.
Summarize the story told by the data used in this study as it applies to the larger population
Comment on whether the authors used the interpretation approach discussed in the textbook, including (a) summarize why the study was done, (b) discuss the factual results, (c) explain what the results mean, and (d) make suggestions for future research.
Please cite any and all references used