Nations Health Care Delivery Systems

Excelsior College Module 8 Nations Health Care Delivery Systems Reflection Paper

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Module 8

Based on what you’ve learned in the course, you’ll engage with one another in exploring the question, “where do we go from here?”

Let’s have a truly engaging and active dialogue in our last week together! Start early, making sure to read what others have written and then add substantively to the discussion. Avoid mini-papers; instead, talk with one another and build new understandings of our course materials and all we are learning this week – and over the term!

Based on all that you have learned this term:

1. From your perspective of the degree plan you are pursuing in health sciences, nursing, or public health, what progress do you think has been made as we think about reform in the health care industry, and how has that perspective changed (if at all) from when you began this course 2 months ago?

Now applying your readings, let’s go through the questions together one at a time.

2. Consider the topics presented in the course over the past 8 weeks: priority populations, access, health organizations, the health workforce, cost, quality, and prevention. If you had the opportunity to formulate a plan to help reform the health care industry, which of these topics would you tackle first, and what would that plan look like? How does it help us to answer the question of where we go from here? Be sure to support your recommendations with the course materials (required) and any other credible external materials as desired (provide full citations).

3. We have learned about a number of innovations in health and public health. What innovation most intrigued you and why?

4. Let’s now reflect on the course. What lessons will you take away from this course? Do you have any feedback for me on the course?


This is not a typical discussion. In this Information Sharing Forum, we will have an opportunity to share with one another what we have learned about the health care delivery systems in other countries about which we wrote our research papers.

Please share a bit about the country you focused on for your research paper last week (2-3 paragraphs). For example – What did you learn about this country’s health care delivery system that surprised you? Are there areas of similarity? What can the United States learn from your selected country’s system? What can your selected country learn from the United States’ system?

Be sure to read others’ posts and engage with them on their findings.

Remember that we are truly an inter-professional community, comprised of nursing, health sciences, and public health students. As you share what you learned and engage with your classmates on their posts, be sure to share insights from the perspective of your chosen degree program/profession. After all, a key part of where we go from here will involve health professionals from different disciplines talking, sharing and collaborating!