One-On-One Coaching Plan

a.     Develop four one-on-one coaching plans with four different teachers in an educational setting: one veteran teacher, one new teacher, one highly effective teacher, and one ineffective teacher.

Identify which coaching approaches for individual learning you will utilize.

1)     Discuss what data or student work you would review to decide on a coaching focus.

2)     Outline the coaching focus for an area of refinement and reinforcement.

3)     Include an implementation of the coaching cycle: weekly, bi-weekly, and so on

4)     Include coaching components: focus, planning, pre-brief, observation, debrief, and reflection.

5)     Include reflective practice for the participating teacher: How would the coaching improve student learning? How would coaching affect classroom instruction? How does the individual learning affect the professional development plan?

2.     Create an orientation to the professional development calendar for your faculty and staff. 

b.     Provide all handouts and materials necessary for the orientation, at least 30–45 minutes in length

c.     Provide a copy of the calendar or chart you will give staff to outline professional development. Include dates, times, topics, and who will be facilitating development. This must be for the first 16 weeks of school.