Order 691809: Oral report on ″Dragon Fish″ by Vu Tran

  Type of paper Essay (Any Type)
  Subject History
  Number of pages 4
  Format of citation MLA
  Number of cited resources  1
  Type of service  Writing

Paper Format  Tips  Introduction (1 paragraph)  Your paper’s introduction should identify and describe the book you were  assigned to read for class.  Identify the book’s author and note what  is significant about the story or stories told in the book you read.   You can use part of your introduction to highlight possible issues  within US history or the history of Asian Americans in the US, which  work to marginalize stories like the ones told in the book you read.   For example, the history of Asian Americans in the US is often dominated  by the histories of Chinese and Japanese Americans, rather than other  Asian ethnic groups.  Also, the history of women is often ignored for a  history focused on the experiences of men.  I could provide other  examples, but you will want to think about how your book and the story  or stories told in the book are not always addressed by mainstream  American history which is typically white, middle class, male, and  heterosexual.  Your introduction should conclude with a thesis statement focused on  identifying the issues/themes from your book that you will be exploring  in your paper.  Body (4 to 5 paragraphs)  The body of your paper should provide a brief summary of the book that  will allow you to focus on the issues you will be exploring in your  paper.  It should also borrow from the Shelley Sang-Hee Lee’s book in  order to highlight what is significant about the issue or issues you are  examining in the book. What about the fictional account presented in  the book you read helped you to better understand a specific issue and  its impact on Asian Americans or a specific Asian ethnic group?  You can cite specific passages from the book, but remember your paper is  only 4-5 pages in length, so a paper that is made up of too many quotes  is not doing the necessary analytical work.  Conclusion (1 paragraph)  Your conclusion should summarize the major points made in your paper and  offer up some concluding thoughts about the book you read and its  importance to understanding Asian American history.