Order 971857: The effects of New World/European foods on the Indians during the colonial period

  Type of paper Research Paper
  Subject Latin-American Studies
  Number of pages 7
  Format of citation Chicago/Turabian
  Number of cited resources  4
  Type of service  Writing

You will  write a final research paper (7-10 pages, plus bibliography and an  optional title page) on a topic that falls into the time frame of this  course (approximately 1519-1821)). You are required to use at least one  primary source and at least three scholarly/academic secondary sources.   I do not accept encyclopedias, Wikipedia, textbooks, and popular  magazines as sources. You must cite and quote your sources according to  the Chicago Style guidelines.   CONTENT -Make sure you have an introduction, an underlined thesis statement,  supporting paragraphs, conclusion, and a bibliography. The bibliography  must be formatted correctly. Make sure to separate your primary source  from your secondary ones. -Your thesis statement should be underlined at the end of your  introductory paragraph. -Do not change your topic; remember that I will not accept any paper  that focuses on a new topic that I did not authorize. -Use all of your sources. -Use dates throughout the paper. Remember that you are examining a  period of time and you must give me a sense on how events change or  remain the same over time. -Every paragraph should at least have one citation. (Do not confuse  citations with quotations). -You must use footnotes Chicago (aka Turabian) style to cite your  sources and you must have a bibliography.  Please do not write URLS. If  you don’t know how to write footnotes go to the  history department’s  library and aks a grad student or use google. -Do not use bloc quotations. I only allow you to have one bloc quotation  if it is absolutely necessary. -Do not write a paper that contains a series of  quotations.  Instead,  analyze, paraphrase, and cite correctly. LENGTH AND FORMAT -The length of the paper is a minimum of 5 pages and a maximum of 7  pages  (plus bibliography and an optional title page).   -Format: 12 points, New Times Roman, double space, margins should be  1’’ on each side.  Margins allow me to write comments. Also, insert page  numbers.