Paper on President George Washington

a 4/5 page paper (size 12 type, double spaced), either on one of the first fifteen U. S. Presidents, or one 

of the first ladies during the same time period. A typical paper on one of the presidents 

would include a brief biography, political and/or philosophical beliefs, accomplishments 

in office, and a comparison to a twentieth-century president. A typical paper on one of 

the first ladies would include a brief biography, how and what she contributed 

(presumably positively, but possibly negatively) to her husband’s presidency, and a 

comparison to a twentieth-century first lady. All papers, which should have proper 

references and footnotes, will be graded on research ability, historical content, writing 

skills, and strength of argument. You should use at least THREE scholarly sources (and

no, your textbook does not count, nor would class notes, no matter how brilliant you 

think your professor is, nor does Wikipedia count, though that source may provide you 

with clues as to where to look). Scholarly sources would be things such as academic 

books, or significant articles. If you would like to do a paper on another topic, please 

speak with the instructor concerning your proposal. You MUST write according to the 

Chicago Manual of Style, with the use of FOOTNOTES. If you need grammatical help, 

don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from the appropriate personnel