Please see 4 question assignment. All questions must be 200 words in length and all sources cited and referenced.

Question 1You are a member of a spill response crew on the scene of a domestic transportation accident involving an overturned tanker truck. The tanker truck is leaking a known corrosive material and the contents are fuming. Describe how you would use a decision tree analysis to determine if foam may be effective for vapor control? What other procedures might you use to save lives and property, and what other procedures might you use to protect the environment in this incident? Question 2Oleum or fuming sulfuric acid available commercially in concentrations ranging from 20 to 99.9% sulfur trioxide.
A. What is the percent by mass of sulfur trioxide (SO3) if oleum is expressed as 3H2SO4 . 5SO3? Show your solution.
B. Discuss at least three potentially hazardous features associated with concentrated sulfuric acid. Question 3When relatively small amounts of magnesium burn, the fires are extinguished using commercially available dry powder. Why might this fire rekindle days later as someone tries to remove the residue with water? What chemical process is involved here? Question 4  The paint formerly used on some storage tanks contained aluminum powder, which reflected heat from the surface of the tanks.  Why did experts recommend grounding these tanks and storing only noncombustible material in them?  Why is the installation of an automatic sprinkling system recommended in machine shops that use lathes to fabricate titanium parts?  Be specific. 

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