Pre-Hispanic City of Teotihuacan

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Unit 8 Discussion: The Americas

Step 1:

Imagine that you are from Teotihuacan, Tenochtitlan, OR Cuzco at its height. Write a guidebook entry to attract visitors to your chosen city. Steer away from misleading characterizations of pre-Columbian societies and ritual sacrifice. Give us a brief introduction to the city (include a hypothetical date) and highlight some of your city’s attractions. Tell potential visitors what they can do, what they can see, and what they can learn about the culture. Use the sources below (not outside sources) and your textbook to gather information. Please cite your sources in the text of your guidebook entry AND at the bottom of your post in a bibliography(EXAMPLE ATTCHED BELOW, ALSO INCLUDE A SHORT WRITTEN SYNOPSIS OF THE BROCHURE)

Sources for Teotihuacan:


Sources for Tenochtitlan:


Sources for Cuzco: