Pricing Practices Structure of The Channel Marketers

MRKT 3003 SEU Pricing Practices Structure of The Channel Marketers Essay

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Pricing practices are basically rules that marketers should follow when setting prices. Some of these, like legal requirements, restrict marketers’ freedom of action. Others, like global pricing, allow marketers to maximize the effectiveness of their pricing strategies across national borders. Discuss pricing practices.

Before deciding on the structure of the channel marketers must take several factors into consideration. The nature of the product, the characteristics of the customer, and the capabilities of the organization will all influence the optimal channel structure. Discuss the important factors to be considered while selecting the long and short channels of distribution for the type of product, customers and the capabilities of the organization.

the majority of retail sales are made through retailers, which are businesses whose primary source of revenue is generated through retailing. What roles do retailers play in a marketing channel?

For advertising to be effective as a communication tool, marketers develop an advertising plan. This plan outlines the key decisions that must be made. Discuss the various steps in an advertising plan.

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Marketing plan


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Discuss the best funding options for Small and Medium Business Enterprises (SMEs) in Saudi Arabia to keep cost of capital optimum.