Primary Source Analysis Paper Assignments

A Mexican General Reports on White Settlements in the Borderlands, 1828-1829

Task: In a well-organized, thesis-driven paper of 3-4 pages, students will: briefly summarize the main idea and content of their assigned document explain how their document connects to important events, ideas, or developments in its own historical context discuss their assigned document’s significance for broader themes or ideas in early American history that we’ve read about or studied in class

Formatting:  All papers should have an introduction and conclusion that clearly state the paper’s central argument. These should go beyond a simple restatement of the document’s content and make a clear analytical claim.  Papers should have a single-spaced heading that includes the student’s name, course number, and date, followed by the paper title. A separate title page is not necessary. All pages should be numbered. Standard formatting rules apply – 12 pt. font, Times New Roman or other standard font, 1” margins, double-spaced. Papers should use supporting evidence from the assigned source and other shared course readings. All sources MUST be cited with Chicago Style footnotes (see Chicago Style Citation handout on Blackboard). Please DO NOT use outside sources without my prior approval.