Profit-Maximization Problem: Marginal Analysis2 1 answer below »

Profit-Maximization Problem: Marginal Analysis2

Suppose you are a chief executive officer (CEO) of a small pharmaceutical company that manufactures generic aspirin. You want the company to maximize its profits. You can sell as many aspirins as you make at the prevailing market price. You have only one manufacturing plant, which is the constraint. You have the plant working at full capacity Monday through Saturday, but you close the plant on Sunday because on Sundays you have to pay workers overtime rates, and it is not worth it. The marginal costs of production are constant Monday through Saturday. Marginal costs are higher on Sundays, only because labor costs are higher.

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Now you obtain a long-term contract to manufacture a brand-name aspirin. The costs of making the generic aspirin or the brand-name aspirin are identical. In fact, there is no cost or time involved in switching from the manufacture of one to the other. You will make much larger profits from the brand-name aspirin, but the demand is limited. One day of manufacturing each week will permit you to fulfill the contract. You can manufacture both the brand-name and the generic aspirin. Compared with the situation before you obtained the contract, your profits will be much higher if you now begin to manufacture on Sundays—even if you have to pay overtime wages.

• Generic aspirin. Each day, you can make 1,000 cases of generic aspirin. You can sell as many as you make, for the market price of $10 per case. Every week you have fixed costs of $5,000 (land tax and insurance). No matter how many cases you manufacture, the cost of materials and supplies is $2 per case; the cost of labor is $5 per case, except on Sundays, when it is $10 per case.

• Brand-name aspirin. Your order for the brand-name aspirin requires that you manufacture 1,000 cases per week, which you sell for $30 per case. The cost for the brand-name aspirin is identical to the cost of the generic aspirin. What do you do?

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