Project Scope Statement

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Project Scope Statement

1.Prior to accepting the work, I need for you to make sure that you can do the work and have it ready by Friday evening.

2.This work is for a project management course. If anyone that has project management experience, this would probably be a good fit.

Prepare a scope statement using the attached template. The information must be tangible, measurable, and specific. A scope should be a minimum of 8-110 pages long.

Please make sure it is very detailed in nature. You must be very detailed, and it must possess estimates throughout.

. Deliverables:

Project Scope Statement (in MS Word)
There is 8 sections from Statement of Work to Technical Requirements.

note: Example of the final work in MS WORD…see link

When an agreement has been made, I will provide you with previous information for this project to help you with the work.