Reasons for Product Standardization in Global Markets

MKT 4468 Auburn University Product Standardization in Global Markets Discussion

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1) (10 points) Read carefully Textbook Chapter 10 and the Power Points; then Answer the following Questions:

  • Discuss, in-depthReasons for Product Standardization in Global Markets. What are some Benefits and Challenges in Product Standardization? (see textbook p 397 – 404)
  • Discuss, in-depthReasons for Product Adaptation in Global Markets. What are some Benefits and Challenges in Product Adaptation?

2) (10 points) The Textbook (-. 390 – 391) explains how Starbucks’ Introduced Coffee to Chinese Markets using Product Adaptation StrategiesSelect a Product (possibly/assume New to the Chinese markets; give Name and Picture of the Product). Discuss, in-depth, How you would Introduce that Product (you have Selected/Identified) to Chinese Markets.