Records of a Witchcraft Trial in Brunswick ESSAY

 This paper asks you to read the assigned segments of Peter A. Morton’s The Trial of Tempel Anneke: Records of a Witchcraft Trial in Brunswick, Germany, 1663. This is a transcript of a witchcraft trial and you must take these transcripts (primary documents) and use them to answer ONE of the following three questions in a thoughtful essay. Be sure to use examples from the book and have an argument.

1. What does this trial show about attitudes towards witchcraft in Early Modern Europe? 
2. What does this trial reveal about everyday life in 1663?

   3. You tell the story – using footnotes to show your evidence – of what happened. From whose viewpoint would you tell it? What would you highlight? You must include a paragraph explaining how your choices highlight the historical points you are trying to make.


* This is 4-5 pages essay, double space. 

* I have uploaded the essay requirement & the PDF of the book. 

  Please see attachments.

Make sure you provide a clear thesis statement in      your introduction.  A thesis  should be followed by a sentence      briefly summarizing how you intend to prove it.  

You should aim for at least three specific      examples to use as evidence for your argument. 

You must cite your sources, whether it is a      paraphrase or a direct quote.   

Your conclusion will recapitulate the main points      of the essay and your thesis.