resources. D) Operating globally can increase an organization’ s effectiveness and efficiency. E

resources. D) Operating globally can increase an organization' s effectiveness and efficiency. E) Operating within the global environment is straightforward and easy 7 Which of the folowing is true of the global environment? A) The global environment is a set of static forces which rarely change over time. B) The global environment presents managers with few threats and opportunities. C) The global environment is a set of forces within an organization that affects and shapes its behavior. D) Managers' understanding of the global environment impacts organizational performance significantly E) An organization' s revenues and profits are imune to changes in the global environment. 8 The finished goods and services of an organization are sold by its A) processors B) distributors C) suppliers D) competitors E) consumers is the flow of raw materials, parts, and components between companies and countries A) Resource capita B) Human capital C) Financial capita D) Political capital E) Virtual capital 10 According to Hofstede, s model of national culture, worldvies that values assertiveness, performance, success, and competition is a A) social stratification B) uncertainty avoidance C) achievement orientation D) avoidance resistance E) nurturing orientation