Sophoclean Essay (the ancient myth of Oedipus)

 I need 2 different topics of  the ancient myth of Oedipus. Each Paper has 3 pages, so the total is 6 pages. Everything is attached in the below. 


[This assignment is an essay that reflects your thoughts about Sophocles and two of his plays that are related to the ancient myth of Oedipus.  The only prompt I’ve posted on the Reading Journal site for this assignments: “Strive for a personal assessment of what was significant for you in these two plays.”

     I have in mind not necessarily an analysis of the plays, but qualities (characters, actions) in the plays that have struck you and interesting or significant regarding human behavior.  Human qualities: both positive and negative.

     How, for example, might a plot for a play built around parts of the larger Oedipus myth: what when growing up in Corinth causes Oedipus to leave, his motivation or his encounter with his parents and before he goes to the Oracle?  Or a plot about Jocasta’s final days and actions. 

     Laws and Higher Laws.

     Might there be a pattern to the scenes you found most engaging in these two plays?  Characters that engaged your thinking.

     If your fate (the end of your life)) obviously cannot be known, and you can’t avoid what cannot be known: then, how does one know or decide how to behave, or live ones life day to day?

     Do either or both of these plays imply how we/one should behave?

If you didn’t ask to be born, how can you be held accountable for your actions?

     Is there such a thing as justice in this world?

     Search for something fresh and unique.

     Finally, there are essays and commentaries available on the Internet.  Feel free to use them if documented.  Don’t pass them off as your own; rather explain why you find them interesting.]