Statistics Project 4


For this project, you will be asked to observe, and critically reflect upon, patterns in social data in a representative sample of United States citizens (using data from the General Social Survey). First, you will perform a cross-tabulation of two ordinal/nominal variables. The second test, an ANOVA, will have you examine a causal relationship between an ordinal independent variable and an interval-ratio dependent variable. And for your third test, you will examine the relationship between two interval-ratio variables. This project covers learning goals and objectives #1, 2, 3, and 4 as listed in the syllabus.

  • Download the Project 4 GUIDEBOOK here: Project 4 Guidebook 2018.pdf
  • Download your DATA (.sav) file here: Project 4 GSS SP2018.savPreview the document
    • Gender, as a variable, is not available in this data.
    • How do I install SPSS? SPSS Resources
  • Your SAMPLE information
    • GSS is a US national sample of adults over 18 (n=743)
  • Project RUBRIC: Project 4 Rubric
  • Project EXAMPLE: Project 4 Example

Submission Instructions

  1. upload your final report in .doc OR .docx format.
  2. Remove all identifying information (e.g., your name) from your work.
  3. Review the RUBRIC and the EXAMPLE to ensure your work fulfills the requirements of the assignment.
  4. Make sure your report has been checked for typographical errors.
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  6. You are responsible for the correct and timely submission of your work. The document you upload is considered your final submission, so be sure it’s correct version of your work. Technical difficulties at the last minute are not acceptable excuses for late work, so if you’re encountering an uploading error, you must email us your work before the deadline to be considered for credit.