Strategies for Learning Words

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To support your Read-Aloud/Think-Aloud activity from this week’s discussion forum #1, create three word study activities or games that can be used to support both your text and your chosen anchor standard. In your posting, list your text and your anchor standard for easy reference. 

below is a classmate work that should help with the work above, please dont copy it. its already turn in.

Week 4 Discussion 2

Strategies for learning Words

Flip a Word Game (game # 1)

Objective of this game to help students with memorization of words.

Teacher: Teacher will give students index card with vocabulary words on them

Students: words are turn upside down on the table student must flip a card, they have 10 second to say the word, if correct student will collect the card, if incorrect student will flip the card back over then the next student turn. The student with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

Fill in the Blank puzzle (game #2)

Objective is to help student with spelling and notice what letter is mention

Teacher: will give out printed puzzle that contains this week vocabulary words students must read the definition of the word in fill in the puzzle.

Students: students will use a dictionary to look up words if needed, to help complete the puzzle. Each letter has to connect to make another vocabulary word of the week.

Word Games

Objective of the word game is to help students master their spelling words

Race to spell a word (game #1)

Teacher: Teacher will give students magnetic letters to scramble to make their vocabulary words, student is divided into girls vs the boys

Students: students are divided into groups, one student from each will go to the white board, on the board there are magnetic letters, the timer is set for 10 second, and each students has 10 seconds to spell as many words as possible. The group with the most words receive a free homework pass.

Sentence Game (game #2)

Objective of this game to see how many sentences the student can write correctly

Teacher will but vocabulary words on the white board

Students: students will use the dictionary to find out the meaning of the words, and then put in their own sentences of at least two for each word.