The Current State Of Human Anatomy And Physiology In The Presence Of The COVID-19 Virus

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As a nation, and in our families and communities, we are facing a national crisis of epic proportions: the presence of the COVID-19 virus, and the monumental impact on our lives. Not since the year 1918 has the United States had to grapple with such a widespread critical health threat and/or a greater financial crisis since The Great Depression in August 1929. It has permeated every facet of our lives, from the simple personal errands we must do, to spending time with family and friends.
So too, with such ease, it is possible to transmit the virus from person to person to increase the spread of the disease. And now, there is a mutated strand which is now shifting the national conversation. We have seen over 360,000 of our citizens die in the span of about 11 months. As painful as that is, we have to begin to look at the disease, relative to the human body, our anatomy and physiology, and the immediate and long-term effects, the “long-hauler” syndrome that is emerging. The anatomical and physiological effects are the boundaries of this class. You are the nation’s future and your thoughts, actions, and contributions matter!
With that understanding, your assignment is to research the virus and discuss it in terms of the limits of this class. You are to report on the destructive nature of the virus, specific to the topics of anatomy and physiology with regards to how it affects humans, our biological structures and how it debilitates the functions of other systems. Though this class does not cover all the human biological systems, you may include any pertinent information, regarding any human biological system that you decide you would like to address, from the cardiovascular to lymphatic-immune systems to the blood system and of course any topics covered in this semester’s curriculum. Your textbook can provide a good launching point to decide what topics you would like to discuss.
Your analysis will be graded according to a rubric which is outlined below. Additional parameters include the following:
· You MUST address the respiratory system since it is considered an airborne disease and transmitted as such. Though this class does not specifically address the respiratory system, this disease is so prevalent that it is imperative you understand the basic physiology – meaning – educate yourself now – it is critical to know how it attacks the human body.
· You MUST address the special senses to which signs & symptoms are indicative to the presence of the disease.
· You MUST address the neurological effects on the nervous system.
· You MUST include a component, and address the mental and psychological impact on the human biological system, because the neurological system is centrally affected relative to neurotransmitters and hormones. It is evident that our nation is now struggling with epidemic proportions of depression from months of long-term effects, psychologically which are driven neurologically.
· You may only address the above topics or you are free to add other systems, BUT you must include the above criteria.
· You MUST follow AMA (American Medical Association) formatting guidelines. No other formatting type will be accepted. I have posted a PowerPoint presentation on your Course Content page so you can research how to cite for your article. This is the health science field and students should be familiar with this type of formatting as it will be in your educational futures, relative to your chosen healthcare tract. Should any student submit any other type of formatting, they will receive NO points. There is a link on your left-sided vertical menu. For ease – simply click on it and it will redirect you to the presentation.
· Font size MUST be 10-point, Times New Roman type, 1-inch margins, SINGLE-SPACED, title page, and “References” page
· This is not an opinion paper so there is no interjecting one’s opinion, political or otherwise. It is also not a personal statement, though I recognize some students might have lost family members, and it might be difficult to complete this assignment.
· You MUST use at least 4 peer reviewed journal articles as references and a minimum of 6 references are required. Your textbook is a good reference tool. Be sure to cite it correctly, though.
· You may also use the following news sources BUT NO others. If the source is NOT on my list, you may not cite it or use it.
· Be sure to go through the library so that you can have access to all the journals that Miami Dade College contracts for.
The New Yorker The Wall Street Journal The Atlantic  CNN / MSNBC
The New York Times Washington Post Politico The New York Post   National Public Radio (NPR)  American Medical Association / CDC
American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC)  Any peer reviewed psychological journals on the  following
· Your article MUST be no shorter than 5 pages, typed, and the title page and references page(s) are NOT included in the page count. Formatting, correct reference citing, and plagiarism are all monitored. You MUST submit through SafeAssign. Twenty points are allotted for each page of content – it is a requirement for the 100 points for content consideration.
Such a formal analysis is ONLY written from the third person; no personal input and do not write it from the first person positional voice.