The Difference Between Us

Glendale Community College The Difference Between Us Film Discussion

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Question Description…

Let’s discuss what we’ve been learning about human races — or, rather, the non-existence of human races, at least as far as biology is concerned. In particular, I would like reactions to the film, The Difference Between Us. If your thoughts also connect to something from the mini-lecture (for example), that’s OK to address as well, but please find a way to link it to the film as well.

In your initial post, please address the film — and the related course material more broadly — by discussing at least one of the following, or something similar:

  1. What is the most interesting or surprising thing you learned? Why do you find it particularly interesting or surprising, and how does it change the way you think about race compared to how you used to think about race?
  2. What is something that you still do not quite understand? Explain your question and what is unclear or confusing to you about it.

The more specific you can be, the better!