The History of Jazz music and how it migrated from the south to France and back to here.

I will answer to the people that read this instructions page first

This is a midterm paper so you will need to have 1 book on deck when typing this outline. you will need to connect it to the present. 

You MUST use Foner, Eric. Give Me Liberty: an American history 5th edition, Vol 2

(The book must be 5th edition or the quotation will be wrong due to different page numbers)

you will need to cite : 

3 scholarly books (Give me liberty is 1 of 3 books) 

1 scholarly Journal from a CCSF or SFPL database (ccsf=city college of San Francisco)

1 media source (documentary, film, interview, etc.)- already included which one to use for media.

I have the sources I want to use, of course if you find better sources then it is fine. 

sources are 

* Nothing But the Blues : The Music and the Musicians by Lawrence Cohn 

* Ken Burns. Jazz PBS series. (any quotes, no particular episode)

Other sources are up to you. 

This is a very specific assignment please take your time to read it through and let me know if you can do it. Thank you