The Management ProcessIndicate whether each of the following management activities in a co

The Management Process

Indicate whether each of the following management activities in a community hospital is part of planning (PL), performing (PE), evaluating (E), or communicating (C).

1. Leasing five ambulances for the current year

2. Comparing the actual number with the planned number of patient days in the hospital for the year

3. Developing a strategic plan for a new pediatric wing

4. Preparing a report showing the past performance of the emergency room

5. Developing standards, or expectations, for performance in the hospital admittance area for next year

6. Preparing the hospital’s balance sheet and income statement and distributing them to the board of directors

7. Maintaining an inventory of bed linens and bath towels

8. Formulating a corporate policy for the treatment and final disposition of hazardous waste materials

9. Preparing a report on the types and amounts of hazardous waste materials removed from the hospital in the last three months

10. Recording the time taken to deliver food trays to patients.