The University of Memphis PREA Legislation Research Paper

The University of Memphis PREA Legislation Research Paper

The University of Memphis

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  1. Using the information you discussed in your collaborative and class discussion this week, create an 8- to 10- slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you discuss how federal legislation has addressed violence and victimization within correctional facilities at the federal, state, and local levels of jurisdiction. In your presentation:

    • Describe at least three separate goals of the PREA legislation. Provide the standards developed by the DOJ to achieve each of these goals.
    • Outline the jurisdictions which are subject to the PREA legislation. How does the PREA legislation extend the oversight of the DOJ to jurisdictions previously not subject to such oversight?
    • Discuss the behaviors which constitute a violation of 18 U.S.C. §242, Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law. Detail the penalties of violating this criminal statute.

    You have also been asked to create a 1-page handout for the attendees that emphasizes the major points covered in the presentation. in your handout:

    • List the three goals of the PREA legislation.
    • Highlight how the state and local community is included in the jurisdiction of the PREA legislation.
    • Provide information on the consequences of failing to comply (i.e., individual prosecutions, investigation by the DOJ for civil rights violations, etc.).
    • Advise the attendees on possible financial contributions by the federal government for implementing and enforcing the PREA legislation in the new facility.

    Submit your assignment.