Think about the empathy and animal rights

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The Earth is 4.5 billion years old; it is very sophisticated, robust, and supports endless living things. We are newcomers to the complicated system. Thanks (or no thanks) to the industrial revolution that we have the profound capability to alter the natural systems, and we did it. Now, we faced the consequences of “many human-made disasters—for example, self-quarantined in the basement of our homes. During the last several months we experienced, cities, states, countries, governments, transportation, colleges, schools, parks, hotels, restaurants, sports, and most importantly, our normal life has shut and changed.

This is the discussion question for this week. While natural adjustments take place in the Earth’s physical landscape, humankind has also significantly distorted much of the Earth’s landscape, natural resources, and ecosystems. This change is not a new process; instead, it has been continuing for ages. So, what is the significance of this now? And why that is vital for us to discuss in ecosystem management and conservation biology? Well, the question is, the increasing world population, mismanaged conservation plans, illegal activities, and biased environmental policies have caused profound destruction in world natural resources. It has been accelerated sharply over the last two centuries, especially in our biological systems, especially in the last several decades.

Traditionally, humankind has maintained and practiced their food production, harvest, and consumption. As matters are shifting over time and locations, traditional practices are also lost or changed. Losing or changing conventional cultural practices is a debatable inquiry. Should they lose or alter conventional practices because they have no significant values to continue under the current conservation biological threats we face worldwide? Currently, many parts in the world in hundreds of locations – still in the modern-day – folks still live off using traditional practices for poaching, hunting, and slaughtering the most vulnerable and innocent lives.

Take a critical look at this argument that I am making here and come up with your thoughts and provide me with a thorough description of what we do as a civilized society to protect, manage, and conserve the order. Don’t forget about your responsibility as a biological conservationist to answer your sons and daughters about the future “LIVES ON EARTH.”

NOTE: I know they are pretty bloody graphics for little once to watch. But it is the reality of the mother nature that we have created, and it is our generation’s culture and values on Lives on Earth. For all these messes that we have created in this blue planet, and we still call ourselves “enlightened.”

  • Think about the empathy and animal rights.”
  • Think about what we will leave for our sons and daughters to appreciate, enjoy, and live when they grow up?
  • Think about how much our sons and daughter love to watch these innocent lives in the Wild Safari in Kenya and Tanzania, Disney World, Yellow Stone NP, Appalachia Mountain, the Congos, South Asian Rain Forest, Siberia, Alaska, the Arctic, the Antarctic, and in the deep Pacific.
  • Thus, our future generation (your sons and daughters) should watch the inhuman activities, irresponsibility, greediness, and understand “WHO ARE WE”?

If you want to discuss linking the Covid19, deforestation, ecological fragmentation, and human unpleasant eating habits, please do so. That could be a good connection too to understand the relationship for this week’s discussion.

When you go through these materials, tell me your stories with regard to the significance of traditional cultures, progressive values, food consumption, harvesting, conservation biology, environmental activism, animal rights, environmental justice, and most notably, the politics, policies, the novel virus without a vaccine, and the corporation greedy.……