Torrens University Face to Face Counselling Session and Skills Reflective Report

Torrens University Face to Face Counselling Session and Skills Reflective Report

Torrens University

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Question Description


Part A: 10-minute transcript of a 30-minute face-to-face counselling session


The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate the application of appropriate counselling skills and techniques that you have been exposed to in this unit.

Make a recording of a face-to-face counselling session of 30 minutes in duration. Transcribe 10 minutes of the recording and submit as an appendix to the assessment. Appendices are not included in the word limit. You will need to ensure that the transcription provides adequate material to answer this part of the question. The transcription does not need to be consecutive. Please record the starting time and ending time of each element of the transcription.

While this may be a real life situation or a role-play scenario, the client should not be a member of your family nor a very close friend.

Part B: Written reflection on your counselling skills/techniques base on the transcript

Word length: 2000

The purpose of this part of the assignment is to demonstrate an ability to reflect on and assess your counselling skills and yourself as a therapist, including the ability to identify areas for improvement. Using examples drawn from a transcript of your counselling session you must demonstrate the use of generic skills in combination with one of the therapies studied in this unit. Please ensure that:

 The ability to open the interview is demonstrated

 The ability to assist client to explore the issue, set goals and determine course of action is demonstrated

 The ability to apply person-centred skills demonstrated

In addition, this assessment requires you to critically evaluate your skills by addressing the following:

 Where, in hindsight, do you feel you could have done or said something differently to be more effective, with examples of what you might have said or done differently?

 Provide a brief outline of how you might continue to work with this client in future sessions.

The 2000-word reflection needs to be in academic essay form and fully referenced (see below). It should include references to theories that you translated into practice in the session.

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