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Oregon State University Learning Goals Internship Report Review

Oregon State University

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I attached my report file that I answered, and I typed the questions as below.

Section I – Introduction

  • Internship setting: General overview of agency
    • Type of organization (e.g., government agency, not-for-profit organization)
    • Major objectives of the organization
    • Description of public health activities
  • General overview of your duties and responsibilities while at the agency

Section II – Evaluation of Learning Goals and Objectives

  • What goals/objectives, projects/ tasks did you set out to accomplish?
  • To what extent were they met? (Evaluate the degree to which your stated learning objectives were accomplished. Include a description of activities undertaken to meet each objective. This can be a bullet or numbered list.)
  • What factors helped or hindered your progress towards meeting these objectives?
  • What is your perception of your personal and professional growth with respect to additional knowledge and skills gained?

Section III – Evaluation of Foundational and Option Competencies

Evaluate the degree to which you obtained your selected internship competencies and describe how they were developed or expanded during the internship.

  • What skills/strengths did you enter with?
  • Which of these did you build upon?
  • How did course work prepare you for your experience?
  • How could you have been better prepared?

Section IV – Conclusion and Recommendations

Evaluate the degree to which your professional competencies were developed or expanded during the internship. Discuss how the internship influenced your career goals, and include a brief description of how the internship augmented your area of emphasis coursework.

  • How did organizational features help or hinder you in your role (e.g., power structure, resources available, decision making)?
  • Describe any orientation you received. How did it impact on your performance and experience?
  • What were the personal challenges that you faced during this experience if any?
  • How has this experience helped you define career goals?
  • What educational objectives must be met to further prepare you for your career goals?

Section V – Internship Evaluation

Provide brief responses to the following prompts…

  • Did this internship provide you with a good overall learning experience? Why or why not?
  • What experiences were the most helpful? Why?
  • What experiences were the least helpful? Why?
  • Do you feel you received adequate supervision from your preceptor?
  • What feedback or recommendations do you have to improve the internship at this placement site?
  • Would you recommend this internship site to other students? Yes or No? Please explain.