UM Civil War Violence

UM Civil War Violence & Participation Comprehensive Study Essay

University of Miami

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1. Answer the following question in a short essay ( 4 or 5 paragraphs ):

Is there a logic to civil war violence ? That is, how can we explain the large-scale violence

against civilians (committed by both the insurgents and the state) during civil wars? What are

the determinants of participation in civil wars (that is, who fights) and how do they relate to

committing violence against civilians? Provide examples where appropriate.

2. Answer the following question in a long essay ( 6 or 7 paragraphs )

You are asked to design a comprehensive study of civil wars. What aspects of civil wars will

you include in the study and why? What methods of data collection and data analysis would

you use to study the topic? How would you choose your cases? Be specific and provide

examples where appropriate.