University of Miami Productivity Improvement in The Public or Nonprofit Sector Paper

University of Miami Productivity Improvement in The Public or Nonprofit Sector Paper

University of Miami

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Part 1 (due 13 Apr)

Submit a 1- to 2-page, double-spaced response or that includes the following points:

  • Provide an abstract of your Final Project highlighting your approach, main findings, and a critial reflection on your work.
  • Be sure to support your statements with appropriate references to this Week’s readings and other sources.
  • Apply correct APA citations and format to your paper.

Part 2 (due16 Apr

This Week, you will submit a Final Project, which can either consist of conducting a literature review on a selected topic that is relevant to productivity improvement in the public or nonprofit sector (e.g., motivational programs, training, TQM, job enrichment), or designing a productivity improvement project for implementation in your present (or future) job.

The paper should be 9–10 pages long

Suggested Outline

    1. Summary of Improvement Proposal

• Briefly summarize your project benefits and implementation process

    1. Background

• Discuss the current process and problems (symptoms).• Add a process flowchart.• Discuss the reasons for undertaking the improvement.• Discuss elements from the various course materials that are pertinent to the problem.

    1. Productivity Improvement Opportunity

• Describe the proposed productivity intervention.• Discuss how the intervention addresses the above symptom and relates to the stated reasons.• Discuss how the intervention addresses the above elements from the course source materials or is informed by them.

    1. Measurement Matrix

• Identify how improvement will be measured.• State some key workload, output and outcome measures, and describe how the data will be collected.

    1. Implementation Strategy

• Discuss steps of the implementation strategy.• Identify approximate timeframes.• Identify anticipated barriers, and how these will be overcome or otherwise incorporated in the implementation plan.

    1. Outcomes

• Briefly summarize the expected outcomes.• Compare current versus improved performance for each key measure.• Discuss the economies of your proposed intervention.• Estimate the cost of this intervention effort (in dollars or persons).• Identify cost savings and improvements.• Discuss other benefits that result from this intervention.