University of New Haven Cellular Respiration and Fermentation Lab Report

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Question Description

So I have a lab for my biology and I am going to send the access for my blackboard so you can see the lab instructional videos. I will attache the lab for you here so you can see what is it about.

Here some note from my prof for the lab:

“I sent my students an email last night outlining some changes to the directions for the Lab 7 Write-Up. I think it would be helpful for you to send this information to your students as long as it does not conflict with something else you already told them. In the email I said:

1) that they do not create their own hypotheses for the data in Lab 7, they use mine and that they are to determine if the results support fully, partially or not at all my hypotheses. If you already told your students something else about hypotheses, just go with what you told them.

2) that they do not have to include/attach any tables or the worksheet as part of the Lab 7 Write-Up since I already have these things. However, I reminded them that these instructions could change on future Lab Write-Ups. If you already told your students something else about the tables and the worksheet, just go with what you told them.

3) that they should be thoughtful and detailed in their discussion of the results. I want to see some creativity. I don’t want just a summary of the results. I want educated guesses as to why the hypotheses are not supported fully or partially. And if the hypotheses are supported fully I want to see some ideas about why these results are important, what future directions I could take the research, and/or how the experiment could be designed better. I want a lab report discussion section. If you already told your students something else about writing conclusions, just go with what you told them.

I also stressed to them that they will create two graphs: one graph of the data in Table 2 in Part A and another of the data in Table 4 in Part B. However, they should NOT graph all the data in these tables. They should only graph the data in the “Change” columns. 

Accordingly, for Lab 7 you will have to graphPart A’s Table 2 and Part B’s Table 4 only. You will not need to give me any data tables this time. You do not need to make up your own hypotheses – they will be given to you in the same fashion that Lab 6’s hypotheses were given to you. You will have to give a Discussion section like we did on the Lab Report – i.e., you will need to restate the hypothesis, state if it was supported/not/inconclusive; you will need to discuss possible error sources; and you will need to discuss the significance of a conclusion that you will make.

Hope this helps,