Urgency Anthropology Homework Help(2 hours left)

  1. Before you begin all activities make sure to view all relevant material. 

    The fossil and genomic record tell us that our species originated in Africa around 200,000 years ago.  The first 100,000 years were spent in Africa and soon after our species began to expand into different world regions.  Your task will be to explore the complex fossil and genetic history of modern humans in one world region.  You must pick one of the following world regions.  Africa, Middle East, East Asia, Australia, Europe, Americas.

    You will be graded on the following:

    1. What is your chosen world region and when do Homo sapiens arrive? 
    2. Name one early Homo sapiens fossil found in your world region. Tell me the place where it was found and the age. 
    3. Was there another species of Homo that our species encountered when they first got to your chosen world region and if yes what is the name of the other species? 
    4. What do genomic studies suggest about the ancient genetic component of your chosen world region? Answer the following two points. 
      1. Name one common ancient Y chromosome haplotype that exist in this world region and tell me when it appeared in time? 
      2. Name one common ancient MtDNA haplotype that exist in this world region and tell me when it appeared in time?  
    5. All world regions have complicated population histories. What insight do genomic studies of ancient fossils and modern populations give us in reference to the number of original founding populations of your chosen world region? 
    6. Make sure you give citations