Valencia College The Narrative of Chinas Unpeaceful Rise Research Paper

INR 2002 Valencia College The Narrative of Chinas Unpeaceful Rise Research Paper
inr 2002

Valencia College


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In this course it is expected that you will improve your ability to think critically about socio-political issues. To that end, you will be asked to do a critical thinking evaluation of newspaper/journal editorials. Doing this evaluation should improve your ability to research, write and think critically about political issues. I will provide you with a rubric that will tell you exactly how this evaluation will be graded, but I would like to tell you generally what I expect first. Do not assume that the “facts” that others write are true and do not present them as such. In particular, if an author cites a number you should report that number as coming from the author, not as fact. State your opinions as opinions, not as facts. Try to be aware of your biases and those of others. Don’t be afraid of coming to conclusions that aren’t popular or that you think the teacher might not like. Finally, try to be aware of how you are coming to your conclusions – watch your thinking process. In academia we value evidence-based thinking. Most people have opinions on controversial topics. Educated people take special care to base their opinions on careful, extensive research that seeks out different viewpoints. What follows below is a process that one can follow to critically evaluate any political position, article, or editorial. If you follow this process you will be practicing critical thinking.