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Students must choose any world or regional (involving multiple countries or nations) conflict, diplomatic event, or matter of international law and write a critical analysis of the information and arguments presented by scholars who have written on this topic. The paper should NOT simply be a summary of the literature on this subject or a summary in an encyclopedia sense. Rather, the student needs to pose his or own argument and then write a research paper on, for example, the causes of conflict and/or cooperation in the region, the motivations and strategies of the actors involved, and how this event affected international relations into the future where the student’s argument could end up being supported by the evidence or not. Students should use material from the class, including the text, PowerPoint lectures, and lecture audio to form this paper, but students need to also use outside material, such as primary sources, other text found through research, academic articles, etc., to write the paper. Please cite all material properly, and you should be working on this gradually throughout the semester. Be sure to provide full citations for all references, including internet sources. The paper should be approximately 6-8 pages in length (not including title/cover, abstract, and reference pages), double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, parenthetical citations, and APA format. I will be posting writing guides also in the “Research Paper” section in “Modules” on the left side of the screen in Canvas to provide you with some guidance, including APA guidelines. The following is the grading rubric for the paper:


Grading Rubric for Research Paper

Thesis 10 points – statement of argument followed by what you will address to attempt to prove the argument
Definition 20 points
Detail 40 points
Structure 20 points
Grammar 10 points