Watch film "I am Legend(2007)" and answer the question

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1. The 2007 I Am Legend film is based on Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel of the same name. Director Francis Lawrence stays true to Matheson’s vision by defining the “monsters” as darkseekers NOT zombies.

a. How are the darkseekers different from the “living dead” we have seen in other films like Revenge of the Zombies and White Zombie?

b. Based on the “zombie” categories we learned about in lecture, do the darkseekers qualify as members of the living dead? Explain why or why not.

2. Think about Robert Neville’s approach to conducting experiments on the darkseekers in relation to the assigned readings on human experimentation (e.g. Nuremberg Code).

a. Should the Nuremberg Code apply to darkseekers? Why or why not?

b. Why are we inclined to react more favorably to/be more accepting of Robert Neville’s experiments than those of Dr. Max Von Altermann?

3. Based on the theatrical ending of the film, why is Robert Neville “legend”?


Note: You don’t need write a essay and you don’t need any outside source. Just write short-answers for each question.

The film link is in here:

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